Reviews and Blurbs – A Simple Human Motion

“In this beautifully crafted work from the small Kentucky press Larkspur, Jeff Worley writes perceptively about nature’s beleaguered legions—the spiders, the wood ticks, and moths that swarm and scamper beyond our sight. Like Mary Oliver, Worley acutely observes the minuscule web nature weaves around us, as we scurry about our business, obtuse arrogant, and self-absorbed. In this small gem of a book we learn how words can restore a lost wonder for all of us.”
–Arlice Davenport, The Wichita Eagle

“Nature stars in all of the poems in this new collection. She (if the traditional pronoun still fits) acts as dramatic and coy as any personified diva, and what is clear is that Worley knows her so well that the poet and nature conspire to demystify the universe. A Simple Human Motion is Worley’s best book yet.”
–L. Elisabeth Beattie, Lexington Herald-Leader