Reviews and Blurbs – Happy Hour at the Two Keys Tavern

“Jeff Worley is a poet of uncommon precision whose sense of detail reminds me of the ‘perfect pitch’ possessed by certain musicians—so that his poems seem to glow with an inner light, with the aura of a thing looked at with such love and attention it becomes a projection of the speaker’s most inner self, and in that sense, a revelation . . . this fine collection evokes the exhilaration provided by only the most accomplished and serious art.”
–Michael Van Wallaghen

“By turns tough and tender, irreverent and prayerful, these poems show why getting even a few things emotionally right in this world is, finally, more important than adhering just to ‘facts.’ Those few things, truly rendered, have implications; they become sure wheels to steer by.”
–David Clewell

“In Happy Hour at the Two Keys Tavern, Wichita native Jeff Worley showcases an impressive range of expression, from nostalgia and mourning to whimsy and menace.  Each poem is carefully crafted, built on a foundation of vigorous diction, acute perception, and quiet epiphany.”
–Arlice Davenport, The Wichita Eagle

“The heart of this beautifully crafted book is a series of elegiac poems written for his father, Robert Warren Worley (1921-2000), a victim of Alzheimer’s. The poet reconstructs his father’s life, even as his father is losing it, in a series of poems that are part lament but in greater part commemoration . . . This collection places Worley at the forefront among Kentucky’s most promising and accomplished poets.”
–Richard Tayor,  Lexington Herald-Leader