Reviews and Blurbs – The Only Time There Is

“The Only Time There Is won the Mid-List Press First Book of Poetry Award, but Worley’s assured voice and steady music belong to a poet mature beyond “first book” implications. The subtle crafting in the free and rhymed forms gives music to the clear, unaffected diction of every poem. Infused with self-irony and a generous spirit toward animals, humans, and their artifacts, Worley’s lyric and narrative poetry remains anchored in this world.”
–Marcia Hurlow, small press review

“In this book Worley is intimately and deeply engaged with the world and its possible meanings. In his free verse Worley achieves the precision and economy of a master diamond cutter.  The result is poetry as contemporary as cyberspace, as familiar as a family photograph, and as accessible as the six-pack in the refrigerator.
–Wade Hall, Lexington Herald-Leader

“In this impressive first collection, we can locate the fast flash of Stephen Dobyns’ surreal narrative wit, William Mathews’ bitter humor and plain intelligent human burn, loving echoes of William Stafford, Stephen Dunn, and Paul Zimmer.  But more, too: we can locate an original, forceful, unfaltering talent whose recognition has been far too long in coming.”
–Lance Olsen, Chiron Review