Worley was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, and was the second graduate, in 1975, of the Wichita State University MFA creative writing program. He has worked as an offset pressman, cab driver, folk singer, university professor, and research magazine man His first teaching position after grad school was with the University of Maryland’s European Division. He worked for University of Maryland until 1983, teaching composition, developmental writing, technical writing, creative writing and American lit, primarily in Heidelberg and Nuremberg. During his eight years with the European Division, he traveled extensively— in Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece and Yugoslavia. Worley returned to the United States in 1983 with his wife, Linda, whom he had met in Nuremberg (she also taught with U of M) in 1977. In 1984 Jeff became an assistant professor of English at the Penn State Altoona campus, and he and his wife moved to Lexington two years later when Lindavaca-pic took an assistant professorship in German at the University of Kentucky. Having had more than his fill of teaching English 101, Jeff joined the staff of Odyssey, UK’s research magazine, and tried his hand at science writing. He became editor of the magazine in 1997. Jeff retired from the University of Kentucky in 2010 but still works for several magazines across the country as a free-lance writer. Worley’s interests and hobbies include reading widely, traveling to warm places, snorkeling, working out at the Y, playing folk-blues guitar, and sampling beers from many nations.